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First up, I appreciate that they broke the formula a little, Hyelin vocal bits always tended to come in at the same points, this time was very different and she sounded different too and I thought it was great!

But lyrics wise, boring
I normally look forward to the Hani bits (loved her 'butterflies in mind') bit she didn't stand out at all.

The song doesn't go anywhere, there was no break out point, all really all it sounds like is a 90s throwback but any song that you pick that it sounds similar to from the actual 90s will probably be better. I think I preferred their last two songs. I loved the night rather than day album vibe.

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I know that there are some people who followed my LJ because of some fics that I do, but my own private journal is on pretty heavy lockdown, because I have some really personal stuff here. This is the reason why I don't accept friends request.

I kinda wish I'd kept things a bit more separate now!

If you want to, you can follow me on tumblr. I post more stuff there, mainly reblogs of yaoi couples, and all fics that I write, which is really at the moment Yoneda Kou and  Doumeki x Watanuki.  

I don't know if it'd be worth starting a fic journal..